Neal Technology GPS Mapping Services

  • GPS Field Mapping & Inventory
  • Data Conversion
  • Work Order Posting

GPS Mapping Services

The system utilizes specialized software and off-the-shelf GPS hardware to GPS locate features and in "real time" populate a geodatabase in ESRI's ArcGIS platform.

Utilizing the ability to collect the data "real time" reduces the chances of data errors that can occur when field data is converted into a GIS or CAD system. 

Two Way Backpack System

By using a two-way backpack system we visit every location to gather the required information at each gps point. In the situation that a location is inaccessible due to foliage or other reasons we have the survey gear to provide a sub meter gps location at that point.

GPS Mapping Service Clients

Irwin Emc, Renee Richardson

Chelco Emc, Susan Wilkinson

P&D Engineers, J.B.Franklin

Futura Gis, Doug Malinowski

Holston Emc, John Long

Southern Pine Emc, Dan Weaver

Fort Payne Improvement Authority
Danny Brisendine

Wiregrass Emc, Mark Wise

Meter Verification

We also take a copy of the clients billing database to the field to verify the meters in the field match the database in the office.