What We Do

CATV Design
Neal provides CATV design utilizing both LodeData design software and Focus on Micro Station.

Neal Technology has developed many software tools that aid in-house designers and post to customer requirements with higher levels of accuracy while significantly increasing the volume of work production of each individual.

Each design unit is capable of providing several miles of completed design and posting per day.

Telephone Design
NEAL Technology can provide services for your outside plant engineering. Mapping techniques and procedures for Telephone follow the same basic outline as described under GPS Mapping. Specific items collected are determined by our client's needs. Our Field Technicians are experienced at providing Area Coverage Surveying and Construction drawings for Aerial, Buried and Underground facilities, compliant with NESC and RUS requirements.

Fiber Optic Design
NEAL Technology has developed proprietary design software specifically for fiber optics design and layout that allows us to rapidly design your fiber backbone. NEAL Technology's personnel are highly experienced at designing hybrid fiber coaxial broadband plants.

Highway Permitting
We provide a rapid response to clients' needs for State and local Highway permitting. NEAL can handle the application complete with field work or can prepare the permit from field notes provided by the customer. Please call for more details.